Click heatmaps let you see
what needs fixing with your website

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Unless you're full time data nerd like Cheryl, Google Analytics is probably only giving you half the picture.

For most web designers, developers and business owners a click heatmap would deliver a thousand times more insight than any boring analytics report!

Click heatmaps are a highly visual way of showing which parts of a webpage your visitors are interested in — or not.

This allows you to make quick design decisions and change your site to get more conversions!

Why don't more people use heatmaps if they're so great?
If you're not a techy, installing the heatmap tracking code can be hard. Plus if you've been using Google Analytics forever all of your historic data will be trapped there.

gaHeatmaps solves these two dilemmas. Connect your Google Analytics account with one click and you're good to go!

  •  Zero code to install

  •  Use your existing Google Analytics account

  •  Filter new vs returning visitors

  •  Heatmaps for mobile, tablet and desktop

  •  Lift your conversion rate & make your boss smile :-)

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Every element on page has one job

gaHeatmaps shows you which elements aren't pulling their weight!

Your headline is there to entice visitors to keep reading. Your body copy should explain the benefits of your offer. Your opt-in form copy should get people to complete it.

The call to action copy should get people to click the button.

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